Week 14: Mother’s Day


It was so amazing getting to skype with you today! I loved seeing everyone. Thanks so much for making me laugh and for singing to me! I loved it. ūüôā There’s so¬†much I wish I could have told you about. I think the thing I want you all to know is that I love being a missionary! I love Taiwan SO much and I love having this opportunity to be a representative of Jesus Christ. People see me because of my red curly hair and my super white skin. I really stand out in Taiwan, but I think I also stand out because I have been set apart as a representative of Jesus Christ. One of the sisters always talks about how we as missionaries are super important. We will be the closest thing that some people know to Jesus Christ because a lot of people here don’t know who Christ is! I love being able to just talk to everyone I see about this Church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I really love being a missionary, and I am just really happy here in Taiwan!
We saw SO many miracles this week!!¬†On Monday, we met with a member named Angel. She was baptized a¬†few¬†years¬†ago. Her husband isn’t a member, and there’s still a lot that she can learn. She was really curious about the temple and getting her endowments. When we met with her, she told us about some really amazing experiences she has had while doing baptisms in the temple. The Spirit was really strong in that lesson, and it was really awesome to teach her more about the temple.IMG_1062
On Tuesday, we had Zone Conference! Because I just got to Taiwan, Sister Chang introduced me to everyone in the zone during the meeting. Our zone is really awesome, and going to Zone Conference helped me feel more excited about the work! That day Sister Chang started feeling really sick, so after Zone Conference we went proselyting for a few hours and then came home so she could rest.¬†On Wednesday¬†morning, she was feeling the same, so we stayed home¬†on Wednesday¬†too. I think it was a blessing for me, because it gave me a chance to just study and update the Area Book and clean up the apartment and do things from home. That night, Sister Chang put some laundry in the washer outside on our porch. She came up to me¬†with this really sad look on her face and explained that there was a huge bug outside, so she couldn’t get her laundry out of the washer! I decided to be brave and just grab the laundry really fast and then run back inside. By the time I got out there, there were two of these huge flying bugs! I screamed and just grabbed the laundry. But I forgot to close the door behind me, so one of them flew into our apartment and Sister Chang and I were freaking out! The other sisters were quietly planning for the next day in their room. We watched the bug crawl under their door and then heard them on the other side of the door scream. We ended up catching it and everything was okay. But it was just so hilarious. We were all laughing so hard!
Thursday¬†was an amazing day! We met with three new investigators! In the morning, we had a lesson with two of the students who come to our free english class every week. They’ve been friends for a long time, so they wanted to meet together. It was a really amazing lesson. We taught them the first lesson, the restoration. We just taught really simply and briefly and I loved watching them come to a better understanding of where our Church came from. They started out the lesson asking why there are so many different churches on the earth, so that lesson was perfect for them to help them understand prophets and dispensations. Sister Chang asked me to recite the first vision to them when we taught about Joseph Smith. I showed them the quote in the restoration pamphlet, and they read out loud with me as I recited it. It was really powerful! I loved teaching them, and I can’t wait to help them understand more.
We had a lesson with another new investigator, Frany. We taught her the restoration. That lesson was a little harder because she has no Christian background, so it was a lot of new information that we taught her. But I really think that she’s ready, and I’m really excited to meet with her again.
On Friday, we met a lady named Novie! (So similar to Novi!!) She works at a restaurant. After Sister Chang and I ordered, she started talking to me in english. Then she sat down with us, and just started chatting. She was so cute, and so curious about what we do as missionaries. She has like no time to meet with us because she’s always working, but we told her that we would come back soon and just talk with her more about the Church and Jesus Christ.IMG_1067
On Saturday, our ward was having a relief society activity so we went and helped out. They were making sticky rice, and I tried to make one. They take these two thick green leaves and fold them into the shape of a cup. Then they put rice and meat and vegetables and peanuts and more rice inside. Then they fold it up into a triangle shape, and tie a string around it. They tie a bunch of them together, and then steam them. It was really fun! Definitely a Taiwanese experience.
We had a miracle lesson¬†on Saturday¬†with our investigator Abby! A member set it up, and we were all able to meet together and just share our testimonies. We didn’t teach her a lot, we just got to know her more and set expectations. She set up our appointment for next time, which was a miracle! I was nervous we would never be able to see her again because she’s always super busy, but she seems interested and curious.
Sunday¬†was really fun – Church was awesome! I’m understanding more and more each week! We had a ward family home evening. So much food. So much. It was all so good! And an older couple put up pictures on the projector and talked about their wedding and just their life together and how the gospel has blessed them. We had a spiritual share, and then we played a really fun game together. It was a really good activity, and I think it really helped strengthen the ward. Everyone was so happy and excited! I loved it!!
I love you all so much. I miss you guys a TON! Thanks for all the prayers, love, and support! It means SO MUCH!! Remember to write me, please!
Sister Berrey
Our church is on the 19th floor of a skyrise, so this is the view! In one of the pictures, you can see our apartment building because we live really close to the church.
Last P-day, we got pizza  and played games with Sponge! It was really weird pizza Рall the toppings were seafood.